Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Do You Know Your Classic Children's Books?

Lucky for me, Ryder absolutely loves reading. This means that I am reminded daily of the simple joy of children's books. Cuddling up and reading with him brings back such wonderful memories of my mom reading to me when I was little. And in the process, Ryder and I get to make memories of our own.
My friends over at Bookroo recently launched a really fun project that I wanted to share with you. They've created 100 minimalist posters of well-known children's books, along with a quiz people can use to test their knowledge using the posters.

Click here to take the quiz and test your own knowledge!

Although I didn't score quite as high as I expected to, I think I still did pretty well. And now I definitely want to check out some of the books I was less familiar with...

Have fun, and happy reading!
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  1. What fun! I'm going to go take the quiz now!

  2. I got 225 points in level one, which isn't too bad! haha. Fun quiz!


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