Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Update - Football, Friends and Family

That's right, Hawk fans...
Stew had to work on Friday, so my brother AJ came up to attend the Seahawks preseason opener against Denver. I could hardly contain my excitement at the beginning of another year with my beloved Seahawks.
The 12th Man spirit was almost palpable in downtown Seattle as fans decked out in their blue and green finest filled the streets and headed down to CenturyLink for the start of yet another Seattle Seahawks football season.
Ironically, after one of the hottest, driest summers on record out here, it poured rain all afternoon and evening. This made for quite a soggy walk down to the stadium, but the dreary weather made it seem even more like the official beginning of a new season, so we didn't really mind.
We stopped off in a sports bar on our way to have a drink with my BFF Tara (because Seahawks football just isn't the same without beer and fireball, amiright?)
My heart was pounding and my blood was pumping as we made our way through security and into the stands. The familiar smells of popcorn and nacho cheese filled my nose and the sounds of the national anthem rang familiarly in my ears as we climbed toward our seats.
It was like coming home again.
Despite a loss (but preseason doesn't count anyway, right?) we had such a great time at the game. The Hawks are looking awesome this year and I know we're on our way to another championship season!
This was a rare weekend for us, because we were actually home instead of rushing all over the place for various weddings, vacations and activities. So we decided to host a little barbecue on Saturday and actually enjoy the yard that we've put so much hard work into this year.
The weather wasn't fantastic, and I neglected to take any photos of our yard or alleged friends, but I did manage to acquire one photo of Ryder and darling little Hazel Mae, his future betrothed...
And on Sunday the sun came back out, so we decided to take our water baby to the beach. Have you ever been to Lake Sammamish State Park? It's just 10 miles from our house, so how we've missed it for the past two years is beyond me.
It's gorgeous, and we had such a good time!
Ryder probably could have stayed and played in the water and the dirt for several more hours, but eventually we had to drag him home and throw him in the tub.
We were all exhausted after a fantastic few days of football, friends and family time. But I went to bed feeling relaxed, accomplished, and ready to start another week.
How was your weekend?
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  1. love this... they are going to look back one day and HATE us for these pics :)

  2. <3<3<3 I knew you'd be excited for football season. :-)

  3. You're right. The preseason does not count! They're just trying to figure out how everything works since there's always newbies to inspect! ;)

  4. This weekend was perfect for you with football starting! I can feel your excitement over here!

    Babies and Beaches, they love the water - but the sand is ridiculous, I need to get over it and just let Ellie enjoy some things in her life!! ha


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