Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekend Update - Boating and Training Camp

My post about our vacation to the Oregon coast is grossly overdue, but until I manage to get that pulled together I thought I'd share what we've been up to more recently...
We had an exciting weekend around these parts!
Remember when we used to spend virtually the entire summer boating?
Sadly, that hasn't been the case so much anymore, but we've really missed it (especially all the quality time it meant with Brett and Haley). So we were super excited to have an afternoon of fun planned with them on Friday!
Ryder was just a little tiny nugget the last time he went on their boat, so it was fun to get him out on the water again.

We did some cruising, Ryder practiced driving, and he even went for a little swim in the lake. This kid is such a water baby! And he wore that ridiculously annoying life jacket like a champ. 

Auntie Maureen also lives on the lake, so we swung by to pick her up for a little twilight booze cruise.
And then on Saturday came the really exciting part...
Seahawks Training Camp!
Training camp means the official start of football season, something we've been waiting for ever since... well, you know.
But it's a new season, and the 12s are pumped up and ready to go!
The Seahawks host 14 training camp practices each season. Tickets go on sale a few weeks prior, and sell out within minutes.
Apparently this isn't the case across the whole NFL... Erin over at Love, Fun and Football was telling me that to attend Bengals training camp practices you pretty much just show up, and they've never had to turn anyone away!
Seahawks fans are a little crazy, I guess... 

Attending training camp with a toddler was definitely a different experience. Last time I was able to sit and watch practice, checking out the players up close and judging all the new talent.
This year I pretty much spent the entire time trying to keep Ryder from rolling down the hill.
But our baby Seahawk sure had a good time!
I think we may have overdone it a bit though, because by the time Saturday night rolled around he was fussy, exhausted, and overheated. Which meant that he and I spent a lovely day at home on Sunday while Stew was on shift, relaxing and playing.
How was your weekend?  
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  1. Cutest little football family ever!! Seriously :) You make me excited to have a lil mini-me one day to dress in Bengals gear haha. Cannot believe how old Ryder is looking!!!!

  2. So fun! I LOVE Ryder's little football jersey! <3

  3. Gahhhhh... he's so big!!!!!!!!
    Rolling down the hill is fun! ;)

  4. Here in PA, we don't have to pay to go to Steelers training camp either....which raises the question of why I STILL haven't gone to one yet.......???? I'm always excited for football season! Football, new school year, there's just so much I look forward to this time of year! Glad you had a fun weekend! :)

  5. Glad you guys got out on the boat, doing what you love and missed! Looks like a great time at training camp!


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