Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dear Ryder... Eleven Months

Dear Ryder,

It's been another exciting month! It's hard to believe that you have been in our lives for almost an entire year. But here we are, and once again we've been just as busy as usual...

We went to a fancy dinner at Woodman Lodge to celebrate Daddy and Mommy's third wedding anniversary. We got married on St. Patrick's Day, so it's always a big, special holiday at our house. We haven't looked into getting an evening babysitter for you yet, so you came along and we caught the early-bird special in order to get you home for bedtime. You were such a good boy, and it was fun to be out as a family. 

On March 15 we participated in the St. Patrick's Day 5K Dash at Seattle Center to celebrate the arrival of Spring -- and being Irish! The Dash benefits the Detlef Schrempf Foundation in support of Northwest children's charities. Unfortunately it poured rain the entire time, but you chilled in the stroller like a champ and hardly fussed. We also got all dressed up in our finest green attire on March 17.

Grandpa Russ came for a visit this month, and he brought you some exciting new toys that have been some of your favorites ever since!

We also went down to Olympia to visit Nana and Papa, and we had lots of fun at cousin Shane's birthday party, where we got to see Papa's whole side of the family. You love going down there to get spoiled with love and attention.

You had a blast riding Trigger, Uncle AJ's horse from when he was a little boy.

We also went to Nana and Papa's house for your very first Easter! It was difficult to put together an Easter basket for you, because you're not allowed to have candy or sweets yet (and according to Daddy that's the main point of Easter). But you still had fun shaking the plastic eggs that I filled with yogurt melts, and experiencing bubbles for the first time. You also seem to love the little bunny we got you.

We often have the TV on in the background, but so far you haven't really been interested (the remote control, however, is one of your very favorite things). But one morning we were playing upstairs, and I looked up to notice that you had not only managed to change the channel to a kids' station, but you were watching with fascination! Let's hope this isn't the beginning of the end...

You still love walking around with your elephant, but now you also like pushing around other items, like your high chair (when we forget to lock the wheels) and your activity table.

You cruise around using furniture for balance, and you pull yourself up onto everything. You can stand on your own without holding onto anything, and when you crawl now it's often on your hands and feet (instead of your hands and knees). You took your first two steps on March 24 for Daddy, and on Easter Sunday you took seven steps in a row! Oh, and you still love door stops...

You're so much more active now, and we know that you're going to take off running any day. You clap, point, high five, throw things, and can even climb all the way to the top of the stairs. You're very flexible, and for some reason you like to suck on your feet after dinner.

You love baths and naked time. So far we haven't had any accidents... let's keep it that way!

A huge, 16-acre city park opened right across the street from our house, and we took you there to try out the swings for the first time. You loved it! We walk over all the time now, and you cry when we take you out of the swing -- it's your favorite thing at the park. You love being outside in general, and we try to get out at least once every single day as a family. 

You eat big boy meals almost all the time. Fruits, veggies, chicken, cheese, cereal, pasta... you've tried pretty much everything and you definitely have your likes and dislikes. Blueberries are your absolute favorite -- you can't seem to get enough. We're working on learning how to use a fork or spoon, but it hasn't been successful so far...
I'm still pumping at work, and breastfeeding when we're together. The plan is to begin weaning you from bottles during the day after you turn one, but for now it's still working out for both of us.

Sometimes at Nana's house you get special treats like grilled cheese sandwiches. Roxy (the dog) is always thrilled when you come to visit, because you inevitably spill some "snacks" onto the ground for her. You absolutely love dogs and cats, but they aren't so keen on you, which you find frustrating.

The fit throwing has started. On this particular day, you were furious that I wouldn't let you into the laundry room to play in the cat's litter box. Sorry honey -- not going to happen.

You definitely have some favorite toys, like your remote control (although you aren't fooled for a minute into thinking it was issued by Comcast). Grandma Sally gave you that Winnie-the-Pooh toy, and you're posing with it in my rocking chair from when I was a little girl. You still love to carry around random blocks and other toys that fit easily into your hands, and for some reason that green circle from Aunt Erin (actually meant for cleaning teeth) is one of your favorites. And of course your throwback Seahawks bear is popular.

So far you haven't been super duper into stuffed animals, but for about a week you dragged around a blue bear that my office manager, Corliss, gave you. You absolutely love your kitty piano from Grandpa Russ, and I feel like if I hear another song about "the little kitty," I may just lose my mind completely. Of course other things that are not meant to be toys are also some of your faves -- like the wheels to your high chair, which have provided tons of entertainment.

Sleep continues to be a struggle. I rock you to sleep every night (sometimes in quite odd positions) because you still scream when we put you down awake. You also refuse to nap anywhere but in your swing (and even that is sometimes a challenge) so when we go visiting you usually end up napping in the car or in someones arms (any nap is better than no nap). You always go to bed in your own crib, but typically end up in our bed sometime in the wee hours of the morning after waking up a couple times to nurse. To be honest I don't mind -- I love my nighttime cuddles after not getting to see you all day long. 

And in the morning when the alarm goes off, we always take some time to cuddle and giggle before getting up to face the day. These are some of my very favorite times with you.

I will cherish the memories we're making for the rest of my life, little angel! 

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  1. omg blue bear!! he is soooo cute. morning cuddles are the best. Abraham still loves blueberries more than anything!


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