Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dear Ryder... Ten Months

Dear Ryder,

Life has continued to fly by, and once again another month has passed.

It's hard to believe that now you have been outside in the world longer than you were ever inside with me. But every single day with you is better and better as you grow, change, and learn.

You are really on the move these days! Last month we had to put a gate at the top of the stairs so you wouldn't inadvertently go tumbling down. This month you learned how to climb UP the stairs, which means we had to put another gate at the bottom as well. It's kind of funny to watch you behind the gates, which you love to pull yourself up on... little monkey.

I also often find you standing up in your crib now when you wake up. It's hard to believe that just a few short months ago you couldn't even hold up your own head.

Now that you're on the go so much more you're starting to thin out a bit and lose some of that extra baby chub. I kind of miss your little baby thunder thighs. Your disinterest in nursing has continued, mostly because you're too excited and distracted by toys and activities to be bothered with it. Unless we do it in a quiet, calm place we're not very successful anymore. You jerk your head away at the slightest noise or movement -- so curious about the world!

Alternately, you absolutely love feeding yourself. Each meal is a new adventure as you navigate new flavors and textures. We've introduced quite a few new solids, and blueberries are your absolute favorite!

We did give you a taste of lemon while we were at brunch one morning, and I think you've finally forgiven us for that little adventure. Tee hee.

Possibly as payback, you've now learned to spit your food, which hasn't been the most fun game I've ever played...

And you seem to want to taste everything, whether it's edible or not.

You have three teeth now -- two on the bottom and one on the top. I keep waiting for that other front tooth to come through... In the meantime you kind of look like a baby hillbilly.

You have bazillions of toys, but of course the things that are most exciting to you are random household items. Deprived of the door stops and night lights, you've moved on to the lower shelves of closets and bottom drawers. And if I look away for a moment, it doesn't take long before you're into something you shouldn't be. We have to make sure and watch you very carefully!

When we do catch you in a mischievous act and remove the forbidden item from your reach, you'd think the entire world was ending. You have extremely strong objections to being told that something isn't yours, and you aren't afraid to express this verbally with reaching and shrieking, sobbing and tears. Luckily, you're pretty easily distracted.

You are fascinated by the world around you and how things work. One morning I watched as you opened and closed a door over and over again, marveling at your own ingenuity.

You continue to love music, and bop to the beat of almost any song or musical toy. And you sure do love Daddy's guitar!

Playing with Daddy continues to be one of your favorite pastimes. I'm not sure what the two of you do all day together, but you're in a great mood most days when I come home from work.

When you're not with Daddy and I'm working, you love playing at the neighbors' house for the day. You've learned to anticipate that when I pick up your striped bag it means we're heading next door, and you immediately start to smile and bounce in my arms. It sometimes makes me a little sad that you're so excited to be away from home, but it also gives my heart so much peace to know that you are happy and loved by someone else when I can't be there myself.

You love being outside, and we are lucky enough to have a 16-acre park right across the street from our house. We try to take you over there as often as the weather cooperates, and this month you were old enough to try swinging for the first time. It was love at first push...

And you were a big fan of some of the other toys as well.

You also went on your first bike ride using the trailer that Nana and Papa got you for Christmas.

We had a few big events this month...

Your first Valentine's Day!
You made Daddy a very special card, and also received your very first Valentine from Great Grandma Sally.

Daddy's Annual Firefighter Award Banquet
 You were such a good boy for this event -- out way past your bedtime, but behaved yourself like an absolute angel.

Your First Haircut! 
We took you to a kid's salon in Bellevue and you got to sit in a fire truck chair and play with toys while the nice lady cut your unruly locks into something a little more neat. 

You still aren't sleeping through the night, but we've decided that Crying It Out isn't an option for us, and instead we're working through it together. I just keep reminding myself that these years when you so desperately need me are going to fly by, and I need to cherish these secret midnight snuggles.

Luckily, you're napping on a consistent basis -- one morning and one afternoon nap that are each 1-2 hours. You're still taking naps in your swing, which will have to stop eventually, but it's still working great for the time being.

You pull at your eyelashes when you're tired, and usually fall quickly to sleep at bedtime and spend about half the night in your crib.

But most nights you usually end up in our bed at one point or another. We don't advocate co-sleeping per se, but as I mentioned, I honestly don't mind these middle of the night cuddles, because one day they'll be gone for good.

You are beginning to change from a baby into a big boy before our eyes, and it's the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

Keep learning and growing, my sweet angel! 

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  1. Happy 10 months! So fast, huh? That's awesome that he's standing already, pretty early. It's good that he likes to go next door. Right now is O's first week at daycare and she starts crying as soon as we reach the door of the daycare. Oh well. This time will pass, just like you wrote. Enjoy those baby cuddles!

  2. Happy 10 months! The time will continue to fly by quickly. Enjoy every moment of it.

    1. Thank you! I know, I can hardly believe how quickly it is flying by!


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