Monday, July 21, 2014

And then they sailed off into the sunset...

It's been a year filled with wedding bells for me and Stew as we've watched so many of our friends tie the knot. And I always like to give the newlyweds a shout out on the ol' blog!

So here's to Brett & Haley... cheers!

These two love birds finally made it official over the weekend, and Stew and I were so happy to be a part of their amazing wedding festivities. As the best man, Stew had lots of important duties to fulfill, like planning and executing an epic bachelor party and writing a hilarious, yet sentimental, speech for the reception. He was a hit.

But back to the bride and groom, who we have watched fall in love ever since their first meeting at Stew's birthday pub crawl a few years back. We've had so much fun throughout the years camping, boating, tailgating, and generally living life to the fullest with them, so it was awesome to be there as they finally, officially merged their lives together.

Stew was quite busy with his best man duties, which meant that he had to head over to the Clearwater Casino Resort a day early to make sure Brett didn't make a run for it help out with things. This left me and Ryder on our own as we headed out on Friday morning. It was my very first long trip with him all alone, and I was moderately anxious about the drive and ferry ride... especially as I sat in my car and watched the boat fill to capacity just a few cars ahead of me, leaving us to sit for an extra hour at the terminal, just as Ryder woke up and started to fuss. Not to worry -- we made the best of it. 

Wandering around up and down the rows of cars at the dock, waiting for the next boat.
We made it to the hotel just in time to avoid a major meltdown and got settled in before heading over to the rehearsal dinner. It was Ryder's first time meeting many of our friends, and he was quite popular!

A big day of travel knocked this little guy out cold.

 This was Ryder's second time sleeping away from home, and he did so great at the hotel! However, we decided that having an infant attend a wedding with us would make the evening decidedly less festive, so my parents arrived Saturday afternoon to babysit. 

I opted to leave my new camera behind instead of taking it with us to the wedding. Let's face it... I get wasted after drinking two light beers these days, so it just wasn't worth the risk of loss or damage. However, that means that I took virtually no photos of this amazing event! Epic fail. 

Here is what I can share... 

First Look, which I shot paparazzi-style from our hotel room balcony.

My handsome husband.

The beautiful bride.

A cocktail hour photo shoot...

Stew and I at the reception, prior to quite a bit of drinking and dancing... cheers!

And the adorable guest book, which I believe we neglected to sign because we were to busy celebrating.

I am hoping to eventually track down some more photos from the big day (because I remember posing in quite a few!) but for now this will have to do, because this post can stay in my drafts folder no longer... 

And it's high time I say
to Brett & Haley, and wish them all the luck and love in the world.

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  1. Congrats to Brett and Haley! She made a beautiful bride :)
    Love the pic of you and your man too!!!


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