Friday, September 27, 2013

My favorite day of the week

Usually Friday is pretty fan-freaking-tastic all on its own, but this one is particularly exciting to me, because I'm going on a super fun little getaway to see...
this girl!
Brooke is one of my oldest and dearest friends, and unfortunately we live on opposite sides of the country right now so I hardly ever get to see her. But finally we decided to just pick a location and head there for a weekend of shenanigans.
I know what you're thinking... Denver? What a weird place for a weekend trip, right?  
But check it out...
It's right in the middle.
Neither one of us has ever been there before, but we quickly learned that it's pretty cheap to fly there, and Denver actually has a lot goin' on. Our hotel is right downtown in the middle of prime shopping and restaurants, and we have some super fun stuff planned like an afternoon at the spa, a day at the zoo, and even a murder mystery dinner night! And I did warn Brookie that I might end up dragging her to a sports bar on Sunday to watch the Hawks.
So yeah, I'm pretty excited for my weekend plans. It's going to be epic.

And for this week's #backthatazzup Friday, let's take it back to 1995 in honor of our longstanding friendship.
Woot woot!
Oh, and if anyone knows of anything fab to do in Denver that we definitely shouldn't miss, please let me know...
Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. That is awesome! Love that idea. Have fun girls!!

  2. I'm at the airport waiting for you! Yay! Love the song!!!

  3. If you don't drag her to a sports bar to watch the game, I'd be really upset ;)

  4. Wow! Waaaayyyy better than my weekend plans. We are moving...I really do not know if there is anything I hate more. Have a drink for me!

  5. I haven't spent that much time in denver, only other parts of colorado, but I've heard it's a pretty cool city! Have so much fun.

  6. How fun! Can't wait to hear how it went! We're going to be moving there next year so you need to tell me all of the fun places you guys went! :)

  7. Can't wait to hear about Denver! I lived in CO for about 8 months, but didn't explore Denver very much.

  8. I've never been to Denver but heard its awesome!


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