Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Walls and Floors and Ceilings... oh my!

On our way home from White Pass we stopped in Snoqualmie to check out the house, and things are really moving quickly now! It looks like all the drywall is complete and hopefully soon they will be starting on the fun stuff like floors, doors and cabinets.

Here are just a couple new shots...

We have a garage door!

Master bedroom... what a mess.

Walls and ceiling in the upstairs media room!
Now, where to put the giant TV...

Watching the whole construction process literally from the ground up has been extremely fascinating, and it will be awesome to understand each and every detail of our new house (even what's hidden behind the walls).

The heat was on and it was nice and toasty inside, so I guess the HVAC is working. I was so excited about the walls being complete that I was literally running around upstairs through the hallways and different rooms, laughing. It's so cool how you can build something out of nothing! Remember when it was just a pile of dirt?

It was so fun to imagine us living within those walls... and it's coming up so fast!


  1. Congrats on your new home!! How fun to build from the ground up

  2. That's so exciting! We live in a 1920s house, so I do envy new construction from time to time :)

  3. Yay, look at everything coming together! Can't wait to see how you decorate once it's all done!
    xo TJ


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