Monday, January 14, 2013

Heartbroken at White Pass

We took a trip to White Pass last weekend with some friends, which meant we watched the Seahawks playoff game against the Falcons in the lodge. What a heart breaker. I'm still having a hard time discussing or processing the loss. And I'm still kind of on my mini blog break, so I didn't take many pictures while we were there, but here are a couple shots of the weekend (which was really fun except for the Sunday afternoon letdown).

Beautiful, snowy day for a Seahawks game.

12th Man representing at the White Pass Lodge.

Buddy, our little mascot, watched the game intently.

Poor Stewart couldn't move or speak for hours after the game ended.
He's still in a deep depression. We all are.

We all dealt with the loss in different ways...

...Shot Ski!

We always stay at the White Pass Village Inn in tiny, adorable little condos directly across from the ski lifts. One of my favorite parts of the trip is spending every evening with the whole group in a huge outdoor hot pool. We didn't get any new snow this year, but it was still a fun trip even though our beloved Hawks ended the season on such a disappointing note.

Next year baby, next year...

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  1. We went skiing that day so were only able to get updated by the lift operators. Heartbreak is right... sigh...


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