Sunday, November 11, 2012

Go Purple, Be Gold

On Saturday night we joined some of my team members to watch the University of Washington Huskies take on the Utah State Utes. (What is a Ute, by the way?) It was a great game which we won 34 to 15. I don't care much about college football, but I'll admit that the games are really super high energy and pretty exciting.

We stopped at Collins Pub for a drink and some dinner before walking
down to CenturyLink Field. It was pretty cool arriving after dark.
The Huskies are playing at the Clink until their new stadium renovation is
complete. It was weird to see all the purple in the stands when we're
so used to Seahawks colors.
Stew representing with a dub-yah.
Jess and I all bundled up... night games are COLD!

Somehow no matter what team we watch we always end up right next to
the visitor's section!

Go Dawgs!
The most annoying thing about college football to me is that they don't really sell alcohol at the games. All the regular concession stands were closed and we had to go down to the ground level to a special outdoor beer garden to get a beer at halftime. The line was absolutely insane and by the time we reached the front the second half had already begun. So we had to down freezing cold beers as fast as we could before climbing back to the upper level to our seats. Why not just open the regular concession stands and ID people like at NFL games? I can't imagine how much revenue the UW is missing out on by doing it this way. Must be due to some silly rule.

We finally tucked ourselves into bed a little after 1 a.m. and set the alarm for bright and early so we could head right back down to the stadium for Seahawks tailgating in just a few hours... maybe we should have just pitched a tent?


  1. Go huskies! I was also wondering, what is a Ute? I never thought about that before, hmm... We definitely have a better mascot :)

  2. Such a fun game - we were there freezing too!


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