Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Showered in Love

Last weekend I attended my bridal shower at my mom's house in Olympia and had such a fantastic time! I couldn't believe all the hard work my mom, sister and bridesmaids put into planning the party. The decorations, food and gifts were all beyond any expectations I could have had. I felt spoiled rotten by the generosity people showered me with, and it was so wonderful to spend the afternoon with so many of the most important people in my life. Here are the photos I think capture the day best...

Everyone put their best advice on a paper heart for me and Stew.

Adorable banner from Etsy.

More custom decorations. I loved these ones.

Jillian brought gorgeous flowers and handmade white chocolate
covered marshmallow pops! I totally cheated and ate one... or two!

More lovely flowers.

Photo wall.

I loved these pinwheels!

With half of my bridesmaids, some of my favorite ladies in the
whole wide world, of course!

High school reunion.

Themed cupcakes courtesy of my mother. So cute!

Brooke recently moved and now she lives close enough for me
to see her more often - so exciting!

With the girls.

Opening Grandma Sally's gift - Waterford crystal of course!

Just one of the fantastic gifts I received - this one from
Auntie Elaine.

My cousin Alyson, who brought a tragically hysterical letter
I wrote her in the early '90s.

With Grandma G.

My gorgeous sister, Nichole came from Oregon.

Many of Stew's family members also drove up from down south.

How cute is my Grandma Sally? Of course she picked out an
appropriate outfit for the occasion, she's so stylish like that!

Lots of my cousins came - family reunion!

With Momma & Sister Erin.

With many of my favorite Aunties although a few are missing...

Tara made my ribbon bouquet and it turned out fantastic!

Me and Erin with our cousin Mary.

The group - and this is after a few people had already left!

I can't believe it, but this was only the first of two showers that my bridesmaids are hosting, so still have another one to look forward to at the end of February. Thank you to everyone who attended, and to those who weren't able to come but still mailed gifts - that was so thoughtful and I really appreciated it.

I am truly lucky in love and life.


  1. so cute! i love the big group shot! i had so much fun & can't wait for more wedding festivities! btw i got my vegas shirt in the mail today ! lol i won't be able to go but i still like the shirt lol

  2. Glad it turned out so well! I had a lot of fun. I want another cupcake!

  3. I seriously love all the touches like the advice for the bride, cake pops and photo wall - they're did such a good job! Something tells me Pinterest might have been involved. ;)

  4. Brooke - The pictures from your camera turned out so much better than mine, I wish you were always around to photograph my life!

    Rach - It was awesome and you get an A+ for your decorations!

    Je - I know, didn't they do a fantastic job?! I couldn't believe it, especially because I am NOT creative or crafty so I just love it when other people are... especially when it's for me! :)


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