Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wedding Update... 10 Weeks To Go!

Erin helping me with some last minute stuff
at the Seattle Wedding Show.
I can't believe it, but our wedding is coming up in less than ten weeks! The time has gone by so fast, especially between Thanksgiving and the New Year. So now it's all hands on deck for the many last minute items that still need to be finalized!

Erin and I attended the Seattle Wedding Show last Sunday just to make sure there wasn't anything fabulous that we're missing out on. It was so much less overwhelming than the year before, and we had a really good time just wandering around and getting ideas for decorations and stuff.

Here's a brief update of what we've been working on:
  • The beautiful invitations (designed by my amazing bridesmaid, Carolina) have been mailed and we're starting to get RSVPs back already.
  • I had my first dress fitting and although it's going to need some serious alterations, I am still absolutely in love with my gown. 
  • Gifts for the bridal party and groomsmen, as well as the wedding favors, have been decided on and are in the process of being ordered. 
  • We bought Stew's wedding ring, and he's having a hard time adjusting to the idea. I believe "men shouldn't wear jewelry" is a direct quote...
  • Stewart picked out the tuxedos and colors at Men's Wearhouse for himself and the groomsmen, ushers and fathers, and they're really going to look sharp, if I do say so myself! 
  • We're both getting ready for our bachelor/ette trips to Vegas next month and we can't wait to spend some quality (crazy!) times with our favorite people. 
  • We've been working hard on our wedding slide show, and it has been so much fun going through old photos of ourselves. 
We've still got lots of odds and ends to tie up, but overall I think we're progressing nicely toward the big day. Here are a couple inspirational photos from the wedding show that I'll leave you with... can you guess what we're working on?!


  1. wow - can't believe how close yours is now! How fun :)

  2. Wow, they had a lot of green inspiration!!

  3. Laura - I know, I can't believe it, the time just FLEW by!

    Rach - Yup, tons of green inspiration. My sister Nichole says this always happens... you think you're doing all this original stuff for your wedding, but by the time your actual wedding rolls around everyone else is doing it, too! There was SO much stuff at the wedding show that I thought I was being kind of original by doing. Oh well! Doesn't make it less cool, right?!

  4. Yeah it's hard to be original when almost every wedding idea under the sun has already been done and blogged about on stylemepretty. :)

  5. cute inspiration! ring tattoo for Stew??? lol

  6. Candy table! Fun. I can't wait to see what your dress looks like! That quote from Stew about his wedding ring made me laugh out loud.


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