Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sunland = Funland: Labor Day Weekend 2011

Sometime toward the end of college I started spending almost every Memorial and Labor Day Weekend at my friend Evan's cabin in Sunland, a little vacation community on the Columbia River just south of the Gorge and a few miles north of Vantage. When Stew and I started dating, I began inviting him along with me. Throughout the years lots of things have changed, but there's been one constant:

Sunland ALWAYS = Funland.

And this year was no different. We had a slightly smaller group, and the 1970s-style single wide trailer is being replaced by a gorgeous new house, but we still spent our mornings lounging around recharging, our days watching the shenanigans at the sandbar, our evenings playing volleyball, and our nights watching concerts, playing beer pong and survivor, and basically just enjoying the last days of summer.

Bean Bag Toss. Many, many hours have been lost to this game...

A view of the shenanigans at the Sand Dunes.

Jesse takes Stew for a ride on his new bike.

No weekend in Sunland is complete without a volleyball tournament!

And of course Beer Pong.


Happy Labor Day everyone, we hope you had a great one!


  1. Looks like you had fun! Is the new house finished yet?

  2. The outside of the house and the deck is done but the inside is still just frames and wires and there isn't any landscaping yet. Oh but luckily this time they had the toilet in... except there are no real walls around it so that was kind of awkward! It worked out though. :-)


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