Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flying Trapeze Lessons

About a year ago some girlfriends and I bought a Groupon for two hours of trapeze lessons at Emerald City Trapeze Arts, and we nervously headed down to SoDo this past Sunday for our class. As first time students, we had to go through "Ground School" which included an introduction to the rig, take-off techniques, flight, first trick, and dismount. Our instructor was a legit carnie, a very creepy man with long hair, long black painted toe nails, and extremely tight skinny jeans. After we completed reviewing the basic techniques with him, we got to practice on the actual trapeze, and it was a lot harder than it looked! However, all four of us managed to complete the trick perfectly after a few tries.

Toward the end of the class, we also got the opportunity to be caught a world-class catcher (our carnie instructor). Unfortunately, I didn't manage to complete that part, which I believe is due to the fact that I suffer from Calxophobia, or the fear of chalk. I do not believe there is anything worse or more disgusting in life than the feeling of dry, nasty chalk. I have never been able to touch it and I would seriously rather have spiders crawl all over my body than pick up a piece of chalk. Let alone rub it all over my wrists, which is what they made us to for the catching portion of the class.

Good friend that she is, Crystal had me turn away and shut my eyes while she rubbed the chalk on my wrists so I wouldn't have to touch it myself. But I still started to cry because I could feel the chalk sucking away at my skin, and I could see it in front of my face while I was climbing up the ladder and feel the dust eating at my lungs. I was so upset by the time I jumped off the platform that I couldn't concentrate on anything other than getting that chalk off my body as soon as possible, so I missed the catch and botched the trick. At that point I could care less and I took off as fast as I could toward the bathroom to get that vile stuff off of my skin. I think I'm scarred for life. 

Other than that, the class was ridiculously fun and I'd definitely recommend it. I'd love to do it again sometime. Oh and after I had calmed down the instructor told me that they can, in fact, tape your wrists instead of forcing you to endure the torture of chalk. Thanks for the heads up.  


  1. Aww he wasn't that creepy lol. Besides the black toe nails... That was so fun, I'm definitely going again sometime!

  2. sounds fun!!! i didn't know you hated chalk!! i wonder why?? i always wonder why people have certain fears... did you use chalk when you were little??? i hope no teachers ever made you write on the chalk board!! i can't believe i didn't know this either!

  3. @Rach - Yes, I would love to go again sometime and Stew is dying to go. Do you think Tony would be into it?

    @Brooke - Yep, I've always hated chalk and it was a big problem back in the old school days before white boards and dry erase markers. I never raised my hand in class if the answer involved writing on the chalk board. Yuck!


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