Monday, July 11, 2011

Bachelorette Party in Leavenworth

Our friends Crystal and Hans are getting married at the end of the month, and as Maid of Honor I had the distinguished duty of planning a fabulous bachelorette party weekend for Crystal. She's not much of a club rat, so I had to think of something slightly out of the ordinary as far as these bashes generally go. Crystal loves the outdoors, so when a Living Social deal for whitewater rafting popped up a few months ago, we were instantly sold: a weekend in Leavenworth! We arrived at our adorable cottage on Friday afternoon, enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal, and headed out for "just a couple drinks," with plans to get home early in order to depart by 8am for our rafting adventure. Unfortunately, by the time we dragged our silly selves home in the wee hours, the Bachelorette wasn't feeling so hot. She was still feeling so under the weather the next morning that she wasn't even able to go on the rafting trip, tragic!

It was my first time river rafting and I had an absolutely fantastic time! If you're at all interested I highly recommend checking out River Recreation and planning a trip. So far I think it was the most fun thing I've done all summer.
We also took some old west photos to tie in with the Western-themed wedding, ate amazing food, and soaked up many glorious sun rays while we were there. Overall I'd say it was a super successful trip and I can only hope the bride-to-be had fun even though all didn't go exactly as planned. Just three weeks until the wedding, I can't wait!


  1. Yay!! What a fun weekend. I love how you have links to all of the places we went, they should pay you! Haha. I wanna do it all over again! Minus the whole sick bride-to-be part, of course.

  2. I seriously want to go back and do another river rafting trip, that was SO much fun. You should have done "bow riding" or whatever he called it. Awesome!

  3. Haha maybe I'll try that next time. But probably not!

  4. Bachelorette parties are always awesome. We are looking for one of beautifully located Venues in NYC for our friend's bridal shower next month. Saw many of them online. Will go for delicious appetizers and desserts. Hoping to make all the bookings soon.


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