Sunday, April 16, 2017

An Alway Family Easter — 2017

Happy Easter from our two little bunnies!

We celebrated Easter this year at my parents' house, and it turned out to be a super low-key, relaxing weekend — exactly what we needed! My family is big on traditions, and for Easter we have a few that we are intent on passing on to Ryder and Kiley.

We colored Easter eggs.

We made a Bunny Cake.

We gave out Easter baskets.

We had an indoor Easter egg hunt.

I put a mini marshmallow inside each of the plastic eggs and I don't think Ryder could have been more thrilled...

We got dressed up and went to church.

Actually, it was just Nana and Ryder who went to church, but it does continue to be a tradition for some family members.

We had an outdoor Easter egg hunt.

During Ryder's nap, Stew and I the Easter Bunny re-hid all the eggs out in the front yard, and once again Ryder had the time of his life running around looking for them and eating more mini marshmallows. I have a feeling that Easter, with all of it's treats, is going to end up being his favorite holiday, just like his daddy. 

My brother AJ, my sister-in-law Morgan, and their little egg, still cooking...

Not quite old enough for egg hunts yet. Next year will be another story...
Kiley hung out in the yard.

She wasn't quite sure what to think of that big, bright ball up in the sky... she hasn't had much experience with the sun, yet.

Sidewalk Chalk.

For whatever reason, Ryder always seems to receive sidewalk chalk as an Easter present. Just one look of it and chills of fear run over my entire body, so I do not participate in this particular activity. Did you know that Calxophobia, or the fear of chalk, is a real thing? 

After a lovely afternoon hanging around outside with the kids, my mom served an absolutely delicious ham dinner with all the trimmings. 

Although it was just a small group of us this year, it was honestly the most relaxing holiday I can remember having in a long time.

We hope that you had a wonderful Easter as well. 
Now bring on Spring! 

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  1. Looks like you all enjoyed a fantastic Easter! :)

    FEAR OF CHALK?! My teacher heart just died a little. Haha (Not that I actually get to use chalk. We have white boards :(, but still!)


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