Sunday, December 4, 2016

Oh Christmas Tree

Getting our Christmas tree every year is one of our favorite and most important holiday family traditions

When I was growing up, on the day after my birthday in December we always bundled up in our coats, hats and boots and headed to the tree farm with Dad to select and cut down the perfect Christmas tree. We never would have considered putting up a "fake" tree, or getting a pre-cut one from the grocery store parking lot. 

Now, as grown ups with our own little kiddo to celebrate the holidays with, we've learned that "you-cut" Christmas trees are a lot of work... but oh-so-much fun.

We typically dedicate an entire day to the adventure.

For the past three years, we have gone to Enchanted Winds Christmas Tree Farm, nestled in the picturesque cascade foothills near Issaquah. This place is so much fun! All of the employees are super festive and helpful, and we love walking across the bridge over the river and into the "forest" to select and cut down our very own tree.

This year the weather actually cooperated without any rain or snow, and Ryder was old enough to "help" choose and cut the tree. 

This one looks perfect!

Our little helper...

After securely tying our prize to the top of the car, we went into the festively decorated rustic red barn to warm up with hot drinks and cookies, and browse gifts, ornaments and decorations. 

We also took our traditional family photo in front of the Christmas tree. 

Once we got home, we set up the tree next to the fireplace, put on our favorite Pandora Christmas music station, and had so much fun decorating the tree and reminiscing over our ornaments (Stew and I have traditionally given each other ornaments for Christmas ever since we first started dating ten years ago, so we've got quite the collection!) 

This has become such a memorable experience for us, and even though the process of cutting our own tree can be time-consuming and messy, we think this is such a special and important tradition for Ryder.

We can't to do it again next year as a family of FOUR!

Do you have any special Christmas tree traditions? 

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  1. I love that you do this! We always went out to cut down our Christmas trees when I was a kid, too. (My parents still go out to get their tree!) Scott and I had an artificial tree (which I actually just sold) because his work schedule and general lack of Christmas cheer doesn't make going out in the cold to chop down a tree a priority. haha Our house is also basically a disaster area, but once that all gets under control, I will get a new artificial tree that I actually like to put up and decorate next Christmas. :)


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