Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lakehouse Vacation - Labor Day Weekend 2016

And another summer draws to a close...

Pretty much ever since we stopped going to Sunland for Labor Day Weekend shenanigans, we have spent the holiday at Priest Lake with the Alway Family. 

Although Ryder had a great time last year, I felt like this trip was the first time he was really old enough to enjoy and appreciate all the amazing things that the lake house has to offer. 

And even though the weather wasn't as cooperative as it's been in the past, we still managed to spend a ton of time down by the water. Ryder could remain occupied down there for hours and hours, building sandcastles and throwing rocks into the lake. 

I seriously don't even know why we bother to buy that kid toys at all...

Starting to get a Baby Bump!

Ryder's first s'more. He actually wasn't that impressed, I was shocked!

Celebrating Patty's belated birthday.

Sometimes I actually kind of like it at the lake when the weather isn't amazing, because I love just sitting around inside relaxing, watching movies, and playing games. 

Even Ryder was into it!

Ryder and Grandpa Russ getting in some quality coloring time.

Labor Day weekend and saying goodbye to the lake is always bittersweet.

We had an amazing time, as usual, but after a very busy summer full of trips it will be kind of nice to return to our regular routine for a while. Plus, fall means the start of football season (yay!) and lots of fun events and holidays.

But it was fantastic to finish out the summer with one more awesome family trip. 
Until next time...

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