Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, My Love!

Happy Birthday, Stewie!

I now present to you the vintage, 1981, limited edition, 35-year-old Stewart!

Damn, he makes it look good.

Although I have no photographs to prove it, I did plan a fun little surprise for Stewart this year. I told him that my mom had planned a little family birthday celebration for him (fun, and very kind, but a bit boring, eh?) and instead I organized something else...

I got some of our very best friends together at Brett & Haley's lake house (where I claimed we needed to drop something off that morning), and they popped out at the perfect moment to surprise Stew with a morning at the golf course followed by a yummy BBQ, lawn games, and birthday treats.

For once I was able to pull off a surprise (I always end up spoiling them one way or another), and Stew said that he had a fantastic day (not that we wouldn't have had fun with you, too, Mom and Dad!) 

So Happy Birthday, My Love!

This is the tenth time we have celebrated your birthday together (you're halfway to 70 now... what?!?), and I am looking forward to many, many, many more.

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