Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ryder's First Sounders Game

Clearly our child was destined to be a sports fan, and we've been working to expose him to professional sports in Seattle since before he was born. So we figured that a lovely spring evening was the perfect opportunity to bring him to his first Sounders game.
Our good friend Alissa offered us some tickets to join her in a killer suite at the end of CenturyLink field, up close to all the action. Ryder was super excited.
Ryder's buddy, Jackson, and his mom, Erin, were also at the game, which was fun for the boys (and nice for the mamas to do some catching up). We tried hard to make sure that the littles weren't being too annoying for the other fans in the box -- I hope they'll invite us back someday!
Although we did spend some time in our seats, it turned out that we were pretty lucky to be in the suite, because Ryder was very energetic and wanted to be up, exploring (and generally being a nuisance).
My late godfather, Steve, (Ryder's namesake) was a huge Sounders fan, so I always get a little nostalgic at Sounders games as I look over to the section where Steve held season tickets for many years.
Taking a toddler to a professional sporting event isn't the easiest thing in the world, but we had fun and I'm glad Ryder got to experience Sounders soccer for the first time.
Oh, and we won.
Go Sounders!
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  1. Yay for the Sounders and what a great experience for Ryder!

  2. He looks like he had a good time & I love that first photo of the three of you! I can't wait till our little girl is here in August to take her to fun things like sporting events!

  3. So glad you all had a great time because we took our 2 kids to a soccer game, and we only ended up staying for 15 min! The little one couldn't sit still and we couldn't take it anymore! Having a suite/box sounds like a great idea!


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