Friday, January 16, 2015

The Road to the Super Bowl Goes Through Seattle

Happy Blue Friday, Hawk Fans!
Can you believe that we're here again?
The countdown is on for the NFC Championship Game...
On Sunday, my beloved Seattle Seahawks will face off with the Green Bay Packers to determine who will go to the Super Bowl!
THIS IS IT. Don't get scared now...
Although my blog has been a little less focused on football this year, that doesn't mean that I've been shirking my 12th Man duties out in the real world.
I present the evidence below...

Seahawks vs. Cardinals, November 23 -- WIN
Seahawks vs. 49ers, December 14 -- WIN
Seahawks vs. Rams, December 28 -- WIN
NFC Divisional Round
Seahawks vs. Panthers, January 10 -- WIN

And now it all comes down to the NFC Championship game on Sunday...
The Packers are a worthy opponent, and I'm expecting it to be a super exciting game. A noon kickoff means that we'll be down at the tailgate early, prepping for what I hope will be another win, and then it's off to Arizona for the Big Game.
Stop on by for some fireball, 12s.
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  1. LOVE!!! I REALLY wanted it to be Ravens vs Hawks in the Super Bowl together. I'm pulling for ya!

  2. GO HAWKS!! So pumped girl!! Wish I could stop by for some fireball :)

  3. I am officially on the Seahawk band wagon (again) since my Steelers are out (again). lol Go Seahawks!

  4. The Superbowl is in Arizona... where I am!

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