Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wedding Update

We're making lots and lots of progress toward our wedding! Here's a brief update:
  • I've been seeing a personal trainer for about a month now, and I'm feeling fantastic and starting to see results! Four more months in the gym and I should have my bikini bod ready for the Bahamas.
  • We booked our honeymoon to Atlantis and we leave the Monday after the wedding! We are SO excited (and extremely overdue) for this tropical vacation! Nine days of relaxation and recovery...
  • We met with and hired an officiant to perform our wedding ceremony.
  • After quite a bit of research and brainstorming about what I want for flowers, we met with a florist to hash out the details. I LOVED what she came up with so we booked her! I am going to have a hand-tied bouquet of green hydrangea, green tea roses, white lisianthus, dark purple/blue anemone, blue delphinium and green ranunculus accented with peacock feathers and finished with a white satin ribbon. Stew's boutonniere will have three green dendrobium orchids, blue delphinium and a peacock feather, (stems wrapped in white ribbon). The bridesmaid and groomsmen flowers will be variations of those and the centerpieces will be natural Manzanita branches in black boxes with river rocks covering top and green dendrobium orchids affixed to branches. I really think it's going to be just lovely!
  • My sister and I spent some more time at the hotel and we booked an absolutely amazing suite on the top floor of the hotel (with wraparound city views!) for various activities throughout the weekend: Friday night bridesmaid hangout, Saturday wedding night suite, and Sunday morning brunch location. 
  •  We finally registered! Our honeymoon registry is complete and we also spent many, many hours at Macy's this weekend shopping for our dream items. I brought my mom along for advice... since I still don't know how to cook I felt like I had no idea what I might need later in life (should I ever learn...!)
  • I picked up some fantastic items (on a mega sale!) that will be part of our gift to the bridesmaids, and now I'm really excited to shop for the rest!
  • My wedding shoes are here! I was really struggling to find the perfect kelly green shoes for the wedding, so I ended up saying a prayer and custom ordering some from Etsy. I was really scared because I had no idea if they would fit right or be comfortable, but they arrived last week and are absolutely perfect, I couldn't be more happy... Here they are shown in blue, but of course mine are green.
So lots of stuff is happening, and we're really excited (as evidenced by all those exclamation points in that last part! We still have lots of things to cross off the list but I think we're right on track and with less than four months left to go everything is starting to feel very real.


  1. Good find on the shoes!! They're perfect. How did people get married pre-Etsy?

  2. How fun Sarah! And Atlantis- love! That is going to be an amazing vacation. I seriously didn't want to leave when we were there on our Babymoom!.

  3. Fun fun! Our planning is kind of at a stand-still right now. We've taken care of the big stuff, and since the wedding isn't until August there isn't much we can do right now.

    Once I'm on Christmas break, we're going to start talking about some more details. We're designing our invitations ourselves, so we'll probably get that out of the way.

  4. Rachael - I have no idea!

    Nikki - I'm so glad to hear you liked Atlantis! We've heard nothing but great reviews so we're really looking forward to it...

    Stevie - I went through that standstill period, too, I think it's normal. :-)

  5. I LOVE the flowers, they sound like they are going to look amazing, I love hydrangeas so much! And I was wondering if you were going to go w/ green shoes, I think that is so cute, the last wedding I went to, the bride wore bright red shoes and I love the contrast of colored shoes w/ the white dress. oMG so exciting and I'm so jealous I want to go to Atlantis!!! you two will have so much fun! This is such a fantastic time in your life and I'm so excited for you two! love ya!!

  6. Thanks Brooke, I hope everyone likes them. Love you too!


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