Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Monday Night Football

Here's the thing about having a kid: Sometimes you have to miss out on stuff.
The Seahawks played the Lions at home for Monday Night Football this week, but tragically I wasn't able to go to the game.
I just can't bring myself to leave Ryder with a sitter at bedtime! Frankly, he's never stayed with a sitter ever (besides with his Nana and Grandpa, or with a nanny when we're both at work), and the idea of it really stresses me out. I just can't fathom trusting a teenager alone with my child, especially to put him down for bed, something that I do myself 95% of the time.
So I had to arrange my priorities and give up my ticket.
My little brother was stoked!
My loss is his gain, I guess...
They all had a great day at the tailgate while I spent the day at work, begging for text message updates so I could live vicariously before heading home to spend the evening with my Baby Seahawk.

While they all headed to CenturyLink later, I chased Ryder around the house while attempting to keep one eye on the game.
And I had big plans for halftime...
The idea was to give Ryder a quick bath, put him in his Seahawks jammies for an obligatory MNF photo, and then quickly put him to bed. I was excited because my neighbor had offered to come over with a hot dinner while we hung out during the second half.
Ryder threw an interception.
He pooped in the tub.
Yes, pooped.
In. The. Tub.
That fiasco took a while to deal with (he also peed on the floor of my closet while I was trying to get him dressed), bedtime took about three times as long as usual (he always seems to be able to tell when I have plans that he can foil), and I spent most of the final quarter cleaning out my tub with bleach.
Luckily, the Hawks won, and my neighbor was still willing to come over later and hang out for a while (note to self: Get her recipe for crock pot phở).
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Monday Night Football a little more than I did...
Go Hawks!
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