Monday, June 29, 2015


It has been hot, hot, HOT out here in Seattle!
I can't ever remember experiencing a heat wave like this before, at least not so early in the summer.
Stew took off for a bachelor party in Eastern Washington last weekend, where he planned to golf in the 109 degree heat. That practically gives me a stroke just thinking about it...
Ryder and I stuck around home and kept ourselves occupied by spending time with friends and trying to avoid sunstroke.
$10 on a plastic kiddie pool may be the best money I've ever spent.
As per usual, Cailin and Charlie came over and spent Friday afternoon with us, and the littles had a blast cooling off in the pool on our patio.

My life sure has changed over the past couple years. Not so long ago I would have spent the entire afternoon in a bikini, spread out on a lawn chair, slathered in tanning oil, with a cocktail in one hand and a fashion magazine in the other. That is, if I wasn't out boating and beer bonging somewhere.
But these days I'm completely content to spend a few hours with one of my besties while we slather on the sunscreen and watch our children splash their cares away. Days like these remind of magical childhood summers.
Then, on Saturday, Ryder and I headed to Lake Tapps for a special welcome home party at Brett and Haley's house.
Ryder just about died and went to heaven when he saw all the doggies who also came to the party. This kid loves animals, it's crazy!

Even though we didn't go swimming, somehow just being near the lake made the day seem cooler. Ryder had a blast playing with canine and human friends alike, and I got to have half of an adult conversation here and there (in between chasing my son around, attempting to keep him from eating dirt).
If only he would just sit, playing quietly for a while.

Don't be fooled... that scene lasted for approximately 2.5 seconds...

After a long weekend in the sun, we were definitely ready to enjoy some cuddle time in our nice air conditioned house while we waited for Daddy to come home.
Ryder and I had a super fun weekend together, but I always miss it when we don't get to spend time as a family.
Have you guys seen the forecast lately for the PNW?
It's going to be in the 90s for the foreseeable future... say what?!?
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love hot weather, but I wouldn't mind a break here and there — Plus I'm going to go broke trying to keep my lawn green in this heat.
What are you doing to stay cool this summer?
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  1. I wouldn't mind a few days like that around here. Apparently, Pennsylvania has monsoon season. I've lived here all my life and never knew that. ;-p Looks like you both had a great weekend! I just can't get over how adorable Ryder is!

  2. nice sublime T for Ryder. My sister would have loved that for her little boy ... 15 years ago. ;) We're having a VERY cold winter, by Melbourne standards. Enjoy the sun!

    1. Hey, thanks! No one else has really noticed that t-shirt, and I think it's so awesome and I was so excited when I found it! Stay warm down there! :-)


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