Sunday, February 15, 2015

What Would You Do With An Extra $100?

I've become extremely frugal in my old age. At least when it comes to buying things for myself. Don't get me wrong -- I can drop several hundred dollars on trendy baby clothes at Carter's, and I've become a pro at ordering furniture and other household goods online. But that stuff is for us, not me.
When I choose to buy something special, like a pair of boots or new slacks for work, I obsess about it for weeks. I search the internet for sales and coupons, and continually come up with excuses as to why I don't really need said item. Because who cares if my bra has holes in it? It goes under my clothes. Eventually, I get up the nerve to ask Stew if I can purchase the item that I'm obsessing over, because you know -- it's our money. And of course he responds that he doesn't care, and to buy whatever I want. But the guilt, the guilt, of selfishly buying something for only myself makes it so that I can't even enjoy the shiny new item.
This past weekend I went to Target to stockpile some essentials (we try to buy in bulk), like shampoo, toothpaste, mouth wash, lotion, deodorant, and razors. And I realized that we are spending an obscene amount of money on these expensive, but necessary, hygiene items.
By switching over to a company like Dollar Shave Club, not only can I save myself that trip to Target (with a tiny, screaming human in tow), I can also save us a bundle of money. And maybe next time I won't feel so guilty about buying those boots... Dollar Shave Club has amazing razors that are shipped right to your doorstep for as low as $1 a month.
By making this simple change, I can save us about $100.
I am already brainstorming what I might buy with my savings...
Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret. Have you guys seen this thing? It's basically magic. I have always wanted to wear my hair curly sometimes, but I am a disaster with a curling iron so years ago I basically gave up. This would be my dream come true!
Some bareMinerals makeup. I've been dying to try this stuff for years, but I just can't bring myself to splurge when the drugstore stuff tends to do the job.
A leisurely mani/pedi. I can't remember the last time I had one. Maybe back toward the beginning of my maternity leave. Before we got married I used to go every month, but these days it just seems like a selfish indulgence.
A new pair of running shoes. Even though I'm only running on the treadmill in our garage right now, I just feel like a cute pair of shoes would inspire me to exercise more. And there are so many new cute styles and colors out these days!
How would you guys spend an extra hundred bucks?
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  1. i've reviewed the conair secret twice on the blog. it's so fun to use! have you tried a flat iron for curls? i'm thinking what would i buy that wouldn't be practical. so many ideas!!

  2. Awesome you can save $100 on razors! I'd love to be able to save $100 on anything right now! If I had $100, I'd probably save it for eating out & drinking more Starbucks ;).

  3. That is awesome! I hope you do spend some money on yourself, I know it must be hard with a young family, but don't forget you! I've been doing a little project on Instagram throughout February called #selflovefebruary and it's basically about little things to do for yourself. Just remember, you (and your husband) see your bra's, you deserve a new one! ;)

  4. I couldn't agree more. I have such a hard time buying things for myself but don't think twice about a $30 top for Ellie!!


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