Saturday, October 4, 2014

Book Club: The Forgotten Garden

Best book I've read all year!
Granted, I haven't done a lot of reading for pleasure since finding out I was pregnant, but The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton was seriously the best book I've read in a really long time.

My shelves are filled with books that I haven't read yet, and I have no idea why I decided to pull this one out at random, but I'm sure glad I did!

This novel took me on an incredible journey through generations and across continents as two women worked to uncover their family’s secret past.

It begins with a tiny girl is abandoned on a ship headed for Australia in 1913. She arrives completely alone with nothing but a small suitcase containing a few clothes and a single book -- a beautiful volume of fairy tales. She is taken in by the dockmaster and his wife and raised as their own. On her twenty-first birthday they tell her the truth, and "Nell" sets out to trace her real identity. Her quest leads her to Blackhurst Manor on the Cornish coast of England, and the secrets of the doomed Mountrachet family. But it is not until her granddaughter, Cassandra, takes up the search after Nell’s death that all the pieces of the puzzle are assembled.

The Forgotten Garden took hold of my imagination and it still hasn't let go. This book cast a spell over me and I literally couldn't think of anything else during the time I was reading it. It was a mesmerizing mystery that kept me guessing until the very end, and I was so sad when I turned the last page because I enjoyed the experience of reading it so much. It took me a few weeks to get through since I only read it on the bus and while I was sitting in an empty supply closet at work pumping breast milk, but if I had the opportunity I probably would have read it in one sitting.

Love love loved! Check it out for yourself...
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  1. I will add it to my list! This book sounds amazing! :)

  2. ok i gotta add this book to my list!!

  3. This book sounds seriously incredible. Adding it to our list.

    xx 365hangers

    1. I seriously want to read everything Kate Morton has ever written; I think she's such a good author!

  4. This book sounds really good! I am adding it to my "read soon" list! Thanks for the tip!

  5. I think I've got this on a shelf somewhere... I'll have to dig it out after this glowing review!


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