Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book Club: Under the Dome

Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with the Zombie Apocalypse / Armageddon?
Super volcanoes, asteroids, nuclear fallout, bio terrorism... basically any global catastrophic event that could severely damage human civilization or threaten the survival of intelligent life on Earth... 
I'm a little obsessed.
Plus, all the best movies about these events are filled with super hot actors.
Seriously, tell me you don't wish that an asteroid would come hurtling toward Earth, just so guys like Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, and Billy Bob Thornton could come running to your rescue. We'll talk about my eclectic taste in men later...
And can we just give 1998 a nod for its amazing taste in disaster movies? Deep Impact
But I digress...

When I saw the previews for Under the Dome start airing on CBS, I knew I had to read the book before the summer miniseries started airing. Always read a book before you see the movie. Stephen King wrote this science fiction novel in 2009, and I've been wanting to tackle its 1100 pages for quite some time, but it always seemed too daunting. And I was also too busy with Christian Grey and his red room of pain. So this was the push I needed!

At 11:44 AM on Saturday October 21 of an unspecified year after 2012, the small Maine town of Chester's Mill is abruptly and gruesomely separated from the outside world by an invisible, semipermeable barrier of unknown origin. The immediate appearance of the barrier causes a number of injuries and fatalities, and traps former Army Captain Dale "Barbie" Barbara inside the town.
Barbie teams with a few other intrepid citizens against the town politician who will stop at nothing -- even murder -- to hold the reins of power, and his son, who is keeping a horrible secret in a dark pantry. But their main adversary is the Dome itself, because time is running out. Burning ants under a magnifying glass.
I haven't read anything by Stephen King since The Shining back in high school (recurring nightmares) but conquering my fear of paper and ink to tackle Under the Dome was an awesome decision.
Best freaking book I've read all summer.
Fantastic cast of well-written characters. Extremely realistic portrayal of irrational panic during emergencies. Intriguing inquiries into the roots of human nature and capacity for cruelty. Super descriptive but fast-paced.
Bravo, Mr. King.
Unfortunately the TV series was meh, and I didn't get past the first few episodes (although Mike Vogel is pretty hot).
Did anyone else get into Under the Dome this summer?


  1. Ok so what's the secret?! Why did the bubble drop? Haha I want to know! I saw the preview for the series and I'm stupid and didn't even know it was a book!!

  2. I might have to add this title to my list of books to check out from the Alway Library!

    Jess @ The Odell Yodel

  3. I'm intrigued! I finally got over my "thing" of finishing every book I start. I know that you have the same "problem" and thought of you. I feel so empowered! Started a few books that were meh and so not worth my time this summer and I returned them to the library - unfinished!! Rejoice! I'm still a bit haunted by a few and felt bad dropping them off at the library unfinished, but it really has allowed me to focus on the good ones. You have similar taste, so I will definitely have to check this one out! HEART!

  4. I was just watching preppers and yeah im so into the end of the world movie and of course always love the happy ending with it :)

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    1. Seriously those disaster movies are my absolute favorite! I'm such a geek. ;-)

  5. I had no idea this was a book! I saw the previews for the show and thought it looked interesting!

  6. Now I want to read it! We've been watching the shown n I don't like the acting n a lot seems so dumb but I was thinking the book was probably much better!


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