Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dinner Break at North Bend Bar & Grill

With the goal of preserving our sanity, Stew and I turned down several wonderful invitations this past weekend in lieu of tackling a monster to-do list at our new house. To be honest, I was kind of excited to spend an entire weekend hibernating and hanging out with my husband... we're always on the go and don't get to do stuff like that often enough. Even though we were doing boring chores like sealing grout, reading user manuals, and installing towel racks.

After a long day of domesticity, Tony and Nikki stopped by to see the house, at which point we decided that we deserved a reward, so we joined them for dinner at North Bend Bar & Grill.

My friend Amanda had recently been telling me about this place and their wonderful comfort food menu, and I definitely was not disappointed. Stew and I weren't starving, so even though there were about ten different items we had our eye on we decided to share the Super Nachos with BBQ pork. They were absolutely delicious, and I also got to sample the Scallop and Crawfish Mac & Cheese and the Homemade Chicken Pot Pie, which were both super yummy as well. Stewart was also very excited about the extremely cheap draft beers.

The restaurant itself is very homey and welcoming... it even has a fireplace surrounded with board games and has lots of TVs and antlers on the walls. Very mountain lodge-ish. We loved it and will definitely be back.

The rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful. My bro stopped by on Sunday and we grabbed breakfast at Mabel's, which is quickly becoming one of our favorites, and then he hung around to watch the (disappointing) end of the M's game. We checked some more items off the to-do list and I even managed to cook and prep a bunch of food for the week. We also found out that we owe more than $3,500 in taxes this year. That seems like a little more than your fair share, Uncle Sam.
How was your weekend?


  1. Ugh stupid taxes. We're usually lucky and get a good amount back but I can see why some people hate tax season! Either way it's a pain to do. And I'm totally jealous of all these cool restaurants you're posting about because I never get to go out to eat anymore. The best we can do is take out from our favorite places! We tried sitting down at one last week and James was all over the place. It was more stressful than fun. I can just live through your posts :)

  2. there are so weekends for sure when you gotta keep it low as much as you love your friends and want to spend time with them for the sake of your sanity you gotta keep it just the two of you. that scallop and crawfish mac and cheese sounds absolutely amazing. send me some!

  3. I have days/weekends were I am the same way - just gotta stay in and do nothing! Glad you guys are finding some good spots in the new 'hood!


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