Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday Breakfast: Juno

My office had another team birthday outing this week and we wanted to try someplace new, so we decided on Juno at the Arctic Club Hotel. Even though it was early on a Monday morning, this actually worked out great for me because the Pioneer Square bus tunnel exits literally right across the street from Juno, which meant for an easy breezy commute that morning. And afterward we were only a few short blocks from the office.

I don't venture much into Pioneer Square and I forget that there's lots of great stuff down here! I liked the atmosphere at Juno from the moment I walked in. The restaurant has a clean, contemporary feel while maintaining a casual edge; typical Seattle. The dining space has a centrally located bar and private dining space adjacent to the kitchen, which is separated by a gas fireplace.

Our group of nine had a nice quiet table in the back area behind the fireplace, and the service was prompt and courteous. The menu isn't super extensive, but I still had a hard time choosing because so many dishes looked super yummy.

I ended up going with the Northwest Omelet, which had dungeness crab, shrimp, tomato and white cheddar. I was so excited about it until I took my first bite and realized that sea food, eggs, and cheese really don't go well together. Don't get me wrong... the dish was well-prepared with fresh ingredients, I just don't think it was my cup of tea. I kept trying to eat another bite to see if it would grow on me, but eventually I gave up and enjoyed my hash browns and an English muffin instead.

I apologize for the over share, but I do feel like I need to admit that I spent the rest of the morning with an extremely upset stomach. But I really do think that combination of foods just did not sit well with me. No one else from our group got sick, not even one guy who ordered the exact same dish.

Surprisingly, not that many Yelpers have great things to say about Juno. But I liked it enough that the girls and I added it to our Breakfast Club rotation. I just won't be ordering the Northwest Omelet next time.


  1. Oh no, such a bummer! Thanks for the warning, think I'll skip that place in the future.

  2. Oh no! I hate it when that happens! I never spent a ton of time in Pioneer Square when I lived in Seattle but I always love walking around there when I get the chance. Have a great weekend!


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