Monday, March 4, 2013

Book Review: How It All Began

Have you noticed that I haven't done a book review in nearly three weeks? That's how long it took me to drag myself through How It All Began by the mis-named Penelope Lively, whose surname really should be changed to "Dull."

This book contained the most boring 248 pages I think I've ever experienced. I was stuck around page 40 for probably a week. It was literally more exciting to stare vacantly out the window of the bus than drag this book out of my purse to read it. And things didn't get any better when I finally forced myself to read through to the end, rather than renew it at the library. (Unfortunately I have a compulsion rendering me incapable of putting down a book without finishing it, and this one is also for a book club so I felt obligated in that regard as well).

I hate to waste your time outlining the plot at all, so I'll just say that How It All Began is basically about the Butterfly Effect. An elderly woman gets mugged in London, and the rest of the book outlines what happens to her and a few other interconnected characters due to this experience. Which isn't really much. We wander through their basically mundane day-to-day lives, no one is very interesting or engaging, and in the end everyone is basically no better or worse off than they were before.

There was literally nothing special or interesting about either the story and the author's writing style, and I definitely would not recommend this book under any circumstances.


  1. Yikes - glad to know its not a good read. I'm looking for some book recommendations so I'll have to check out some of your older posts!

  2. Funny, the author's name is Lively but her book is a bore! ha ha!

  3. ok will stir clear of this book!! thanks for doing these recommendations it helps to know what books are worth my time


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