Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Restaurant Review: Portage Bay Cafe

Another birthday in my department this month, which meant another team breakfast to celebrate. We met up bright and early at Portage Bay Cafe in the U District to start off the day. And apparently we weren't the only ones. I arrived at about 7:20 a.m. and by the time they opened the doors 10 minutes later almost a dozen people (besides our group) were lined up down the sidewalk. Who knew that Tuesday morning was such a big breakfast day?

We had a reservation and the hostess got us to our table right away and within minutes we each had a steaming mug of hot coffee. I've really, really been trying harder to make healthy life choices wherever I can, so I decided to order a vegetarian breakfast item. I do love how all of Portage Bay's menu items are made from local, organic, sustainable ingredients. All except their ketchup. I've decided that when you take the salt and sugar out of ketchup it just isn't the same...

Quinoa Cake Benedict (Vegetarian)
Gluten and dairy-free Yukon potato, quinoa and fresh sage cakes,
wild arugula poached eggs, vegan butternut squash 'hollandaise.'

Eggs Benedict is one of my absolute favorite breakfast items, and when I go to Portage Bay I usually order their absolutely amazing Dungeness Crab Cake Benedict. But this vegetarian version was actually really, really good and I still can't quite believe that the 'hollandaise' sauce was vegan... it was so rich and creamy and yummy! The portion size was huge and I only finished half of my breakfast, leaving enough for the next morning as well. It actually re-heated quite nicely.

I did miss going to the toppings bar (all pancakes, french toast and grains include a trip to the toppings bar where you find fruits, nuts, butter and organic maple syrup from Stannard Farm in Vermont) but I was still super happy with my meal.

Our waitress wasn't overly friendly but she was quick and accurate with our orders and all nine of us were done and ready to head out in just over an hour.

Although I adore having breakfast with great people, this was two days in a row for me eating out, since I also had Breakfast Club on Monday morning with Heather and Lindsee, so I really need to keep it a little more low-key for the rest of the week, lest I begin to blow up like a balloon.

How is everyone else's week going so far?

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  1. I ate at the ballard one on Sunday! It is always so so so good! I can't resist the pancakes, with the topping bar.


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