Saturday, November 3, 2012

Restaurant Review: la Carta de Oaxaca

(See, I told you we eat out all the time...)

After our first experience at la Carta de Oaxaca a few years ago, we said we probably wouldn't return. But this place is so dang popular we keep getting invited there by our friends, so we have been back a few times.

We haven't had Sunday Dinner with Matt and Alissa for a while, and we also hadn't gotten the opportunity to congratulate them in person on their engagement (!) yet, so when they called Friday night and invited us to Oaxaca with them, we agreed right away.

The restaurant was super crowded as usual, but at least this time there wasn't a line down the sidewalk. We waited for just a few minutes in the bar before we were seated at our table, and this time we didn't have to share it with strangers, which was nice. Our drinks, chips and guacamole came right away, followed shortly after by our food. The portions were larger than I remembered and I absolutely loved my dish. So maybe my heart is warming to this place after all...

At Matt's recommendation, I ordered the Entomatadas, which is Tasajo
(grilled, thinly sliced beef), with homemade tortillas in tomatillo sauce with
Oaxaqueno cheese, onion, and crema Mexicana. Yummy!
Stew's dish #1: Tostadas - refried tortillas covered with guacamole,
black beans,salsa, Oaxaqueno cheese, and beef.
Stew's dish #2: Molotes - potatoes, beef sausage, wrapped in fried
homemade tortillas with guacamole, hot sauce, and Oaxaqueno cheese.

I didn't particularly like Stew's second dish, but he was happy (and relatively full) by the end of the meal. But since he eats so much and had to order two entrees, our bill ended up being pretty expensive. So la Carta de Oaxaca still isn't someplace we'll go with any frequency, but it's a nice treat now and then...


  1. Yum! Look at all that mexican food. I have to make my own tortillas if I want them! Le sigh.

  2. Oh I love Oaxaca! I've actually only been once and I was in the back room for a party. Actually this Sunday we went to Senor Moose for breakfast - it was delicious! Def worth a try if you haven't been!

  3. Definitely my favorite restaurant in Ballard! I still want to try the Queen Anne one.


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