Thursday, November 29, 2012

Book Review: Rage of Angels

As I've mentioned in the past, when you join a book club you are often at the mercy of the literary tastes of others. This has led me to discover some of my very favorite books, and it has also forced me into reading some things that, in my humble opinion, have been an incredible waste of time.

I wouldn't say that Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon was completely terrible, but I definitely wish that my time could have been spent reading something more my own style. Alas, I am too nice for my own good, and I couldn't bring myself to skip one of the office book club picks and risk hurting the feelings of the person who chose it, so onto my library waiting list it went.

When the book arrived, it actually had one of those pockets in the front that holds a card with stamped due dates on it. This book was published in 1980 and whoa, was it dated.

The novel revolves around young attorney Jennifer Parker, who after working for just 24 hours at the district attorney's office in Manhattan finds her career ambitions dashed by a Mafia prince. After being framed for threatening a chief witness against the mob, being fired, and threatened with disbarrment, Jennifer somehow manages to rise as a successful New York lawyer. As the story progresses, Jennifer becomes romantically involved with a married famous politician, as well as the Mafia man who framed her early in her career. Things basically just spiral out unrealistically from there.

The story continually twists and turns as we watch Jennifer's morals and ethics fall to the wayside as she is sucked into the inner workings of the Mafia. I personally thought Jennifer really lacked any true character or conviction, which made me feel very little sympathy for her situation. And the ending was, in a word, lackluster.

If you are sitting in an airport with nothing else to read and no one to talk to, and you don't have to pay money for this book, I'd say take a crack at it. But other than that, with so many other amazing books out there in the world... don't waste your time.

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  1. Oh dear, this does sound...dismal. I'll definitely be giving it a miss!


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