Friday, July 27, 2012

Book Review: A Wedding in December

I have no idea how I acquired A Wedding in December by Anita Shreve. It smells vaguely like dryer sheets though, so perhaps I grabbed it from the laundry room at my old apartment (there was a whole shelf down there where people would dump books they didn't want anymore). In any case, I was so pleasantly surprised by this book!

The novel takes place over an unseasonably warm December weekend as seven high school friends come together at an inn in Maine for the wedding of two of them; first loves who have been reunited. Old attractions, buried secrets, and still vivid memories bubble to the surface as the weekend unfolds. I loved every single character in this book, and Shreve does an amazing job of weaving the adventures of the current weekend in with memories of the past. In addition, she also manages to create a parallel plot by having one of the friends write a fascinating short story. Surprisingly, it does not detract but actually adds a lot to the book. 

Before picking up A Wedding in December I hadn't ever heard of Anita Shreve, but apparently she has written quite a few novels including one that was featured on Oprah's Book Club. I really, really enjoyed this novel because it was well written with excellent characters, but it was also a quick fun read. When I have time I'm definitely going to seek out more of Anita Shreve's books.  


  1. I'm going to add this to my GoodReads list - sounds like it would be good for a book club!

  2. It would be an awesome book club book - I thought the exact same thing! Also my copy actually had a discussion section at the back with lots of good questions, etc. I hope you enjoy it!


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