Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book Review: Good In Bed

As I mentioned previously, I collect books at such an alarming rate that sometimes by the time I get around to reading them I can't remember where they came from in the first place. I recently finished Jennifer Weiner's debut novel, Good In Bed, and although I was fairly entertained by the story, I was simultaneously horrified by the amount of errors I was coming across. Typos, grammatical mistakes and misspellings galore. The copy editor in me was going nuts and it was very distracting, so I flipped to the front of the book curiously looking for the publisher. That's when I noticed the disclaimer.

Advance Reading Copy - Not For Sale
This is an advance uncorrected proof for recipient's use; material and/or information contained herein is not in final form and should not be relied upon without the publisher's prior authorization. If any material from this book is to be quoted in a review, the quotation should be checked against the printed book. 

Ooooooooohhhhhhhh. Life made sense again. Except for the fact that I had absolutely no idea how this particular book had made it onto my shelves. The 2001 publication date placed it well before my college newspaper internship for which I would occasionally write feature articles on local authors. So it's really a mystery.

In any event, Good in Bed was a pretty fun read. Candance "Cannie" Shapiro is a 27-year-old newspaper journalist in Philadelphia who has just broken up with her boyfriend of several years. He proceeds to write a column for a national gossip magazine called "Loving A Larger Woman." Cannie, the "larger woman," is outraged and humiliated by the article, which only serves to exacerbate her low self esteem. It also brings to the surface a lot of her feelings about her less than typical family and her abandoning father.

Cannie is smart, funny, and successful, but the book follows her day-to-day struggles with her weight, breakup, and family issues. Her rat terrier, Nifkin, comes along for the ride and is actually one of the better written characters in the book. Cannie joins a weight loss program and makes some new friends, but devastating news following the death of her ex's father causes the plot to take a drastic spin.

For chick lit (and a first novel), I thought this book had quite a bit of depth and was pretty well written (aside from the first draft typos). I liked how stories of Cannie's past were intertwined with the present to give background to the way she was feeling, and I felt like Cannie was a real person I could relate to. I'd definitely recommend it for light vacation reading.


  1. How funny! Now I'm curious as how you got the book! A mystery!

  2. You lent this one to me but I can barely remember it! I know you lent me two books at the same time and they were similar so I confuse them. The other one had a girl who flew to California to meet some guy from the internet and she was also overweight...What the heck was that called...

  3. Jemima J. When I gave them to you I didn't realize they would be so similar!

  4. I read this back in college during summer and I remember my dad seeing the title of the book and getting a smidgen embarrassed :)

    I think I liked her other book, In Her Shoes better. Also, liked Little Earthquakes!

  5. Erika I think I have In Her Shoes on my shelf but I haven't heard of Little Earthquakes, I'll check it out!

  6. Jennifer Weiner is one of my favorite authors. I own all her books. When you come to visit, I'll lend you Little Earthquakes and a few others I've enjoyed over the years :)


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