Thursday, May 31, 2012

Restaurant Review: Wasabi

When I first moved to Seattle in 2005 I had never tried sushi before, but it only took one taste and I was completely hooked. I've eaten a ton of sushi since then, but I keep coming back to my first and very favorite sushi restaurant: Wasabi. Located on Second Avenue in Belltown, Wasabi has undergone several renovations throughout the years but the delicious food never seems to change. I hadn't been there in a while, so my friend Margaret and I decided it was the perfect spot for our next happy hour rendezvous. 

Wasabi has happy hour every day from 4pm to 6pm with food and drink specials. You can choose any three items off an extensive list to make a combo for $14. Margaret and I were both starved so we chose six sushi rolls (which in hindsight was probably a mistake). I got a delicious glass of Columbia Valley Maryhill Riesling that went great with the perfectly cooked edamame the server brought for us to start with. Then we both had a cup of the miso soup followed by the most insane display of sushi I have ever seen! Every bite was delicious, but I think we only finished a little over half of what we ordered. At many restaurants happy hour plates can be quite small, but Wasabi really gives you your money's worth with large, delicious rolls. And I particularly love how fresh all their ingredients always are.

I really liked these light fixtures.

Large bar with friendly bar tenders.

Ultra modern interior.


Miso soup.

Our sushi feast: Spicy 101 Roll, Mango Tango Roll, Seattle Roll,
Philly Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll and Las Vegas Roll.

I was so glad we picked Wasabi and I'm sure Stewart was too, since he got to eat all the leftovers.

Are there any other amazing Seattle sushi places I need to try?


  1. Didn't you and I always go to Wasabi together?!! I love their redesign! Ps You have to try Mashiko in West Seattle. And I'm assuming you've done Japanessa?

  2. YES! In fact I'd bet my bottom dollar that you took me there for the very first time. It's still one of my absolute faves. I haven't tried either Mashiko or Japanessa so they just jumped right to the top of my list. :-)


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