Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Restaurant Review: The Capital Grille

So once again I participated in Seattle Restaurant Week and was not disappointed. My co-workers and I studied the list of participating restaurants and decided on The Capital Grille because of its delicious-sounding menu and also due to the fact that it's only about a block from our office.

We made a reservation for 11:30 a.m. on a Tuesday and were led right to a cozy booth near the back when we arrived. The hostess immediately took away our white napkins and replaced them with black. I thought this was really weird until one of my co-workers explained that it's because they know the other ones leave white lint all over your work pants! Very smart.

The lobster roll sandwich with truffle fries was really calling my name, but since I probably gained about 20 pounds on our honeymoon I tried to go with healthier options: A cup of asparagus soup to start, followed by the dry-aged sirloin salad with gorgonzola vinaigrette, and fresh fruit sorbet for dessert. 

I thought my lunch was absolutely delicious and I didn't regret my healthy choice at all. I only ate about half of the delicious steak (it was a huge portion!) and I was so full I only ate a few bites of the sorbet, which was creamy, sweet and utterly amazing. And all that for just $15! You really can't beat Seattle Restaurant Week for trying out some of the fancier places around town. I'm definitely going to make this a habit!


  1. holy crap that sorbet looks good!

  2. It was pretty dreamy... I felt bad leaving so much of it behind but I was so full!


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