Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Taco Truck!

For years I have seen taco trucks popping up all over Seattle, but for some reason I seem to be the only person in the city who hasn't experienced this strange mobile dining phenomenon. Until now...

Stew and I finally decided to try out El CamiĆ³n in Ballard. The truck is located just past the Ballard Bridge, kind of tucked back behind Safeway. Oh man... I had no idea what I was missing!

Stewart deciding which delicious dishes to order...

The Truck.

I love a good salsa bar...
(made daily w/ fresh ingredients and authentic chilies)

Plato Mexicano w/ carne asada, corn tortillas,
rice & beans and pico de gallo - $8.00

(huge!) Burrito - $6.85 and Fish Tacos - $4.00
Everything was amazingly fresh and delicious... I can't believe it took me so long to discover taco trucks!! Taco del Mar totally just lost a customer...


  1. That's the best taco truck - I go there all the time, but the one at Home Depot. They have more heat at that one for some reason!

  2. I've been here before with Tony. I can't remember what I got but it was good. The lady in lind behind me told me i should try this one drink, i forgot what it's called, but i ordered it. It ended up just being cinnamon milk, which was a little weird.

  3. Ew... cinnamon milk sounds so, so gross!! Was it good?

  4. It tastes exactly how it sounds. I think it may have had ice cubes too...

  5. Ok I just looked on the menu because it was bugging me. Its called horchata and is a rice and cinnamon drink. Must be rice milk?


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