Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Restaurant Review: RN74

I had been meaning to catch up with a couple of my girlfriends for ages, but because we're all so busy we decided to do a power lunch a while back. Sheena suggested trying a newer Seattle restaurant, RN74. According to the web site the restaurant serves regional French cuisine punctuated with seasonal, fresh ingredients and bold flavors, all executed with a signature original twist. I always love trying out a new place, and catching up with old friends is an added bonus, so I was really looking forward to lunch.

We were seated in a private booth and I immediately loved the atmosphere and although the service was sort of slow, but decent, and we loved our food...

I thought the menus and the table settings were really cute.

I couldn't resist ordering the Roasted Mad Hatcher Chicken
because it came with truffled mac 'n' cheese - my favorite!

Sheena decided on the Painted Hills Beef Burger with
emmentaler cheese, roasted mushrooms, and rosemary fries.
Even though the prices were somewhat high for lunch and the service wasn't super amazing, the atmosphere and the food were awesome, so I would go back. And I would definitely recommend RN74 as a great place to take guests or clients.


  1. I'm still dreaming about that was so good! The service was slow, especially since we were practically the only ones there!

  2. I know I really want to go back and try some other stuff... lunch date!


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