Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Review: The Death Cure

I just recently finished The Death Cure by James Dashner, which is the third and final book in The Maze Runner Trilogy. The books are young-adult dystopian science fiction and I think Amazon originally recommended them to me because I absolutely loved The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. This is a super fun adventure book and although it's written for young adults I really enjoyed it.

Throughout the series Thomas, the main character, has been battling WICKED (World In Catastrophe, Killzone Experiment Department). He knows that Wicked can't be trusted, but in this book they say that the time for lies is over and that they've collected all they can from the Trials and now they must rely on the children who have been a part of the experiment to help them with their ultimate mission. The kids will have their memories restored and complete a final voluntary test to help complete a blueprint that will cure a pandemic that is destroying the world.

However, Thomas remembers more than Wicked would like, and he knows he can't believe a word of what they say. The truth is actually very dangerous, and the book is filled with Thomas and his friends' adventures trying to escape and defeat Wicked for (hopefully) the final time.

Total guilty pleasure, and I think I finished the book in only a day or two. I'd highly recommend this series and I also just found out that Dashner is currently working on a prequel called The Kill Order that is scheduled to publish in August 2012.

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