Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Restaurant Review: Black Bottle

Stewart and I went to Black Bottle once years ago for my company Christmas party, and we remembered that the food was delicious, so we decided to head there with Tara and Andrew for dinner after the game on Saturday. We ordered four dishes between us and although they weren't quite as amazing as we remembered, we still enjoyed the food and especially the company.

Steamed clams in white wine broth - Unfortunately this dish was
spicy as well as bland at the same time... hard to explain.

Smoked chicken and sun-dried cherries flatbread - A great choice
by Andrew... we loved this one!  

Natural hanger steak and daikon/shiso - This is the dish Stew and
I were drooling over the last time we came here... it was still amazing!

Broccoli blasted - Previously one of my favorite dishes, this time
it seemed a little overdone and had a burnt flavor we didn't love. 
The best part was when the waitress brought all four of us very strong complimentary shots to celebrate Tara's birthday! That absolutely made up for any imperfections in the food... We would definitely go back!


  1. It's broccoli baked with garlic until it's really crispy. But in this case it was more just burnt.


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