Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Restaurant Review: Thai Thani Kitchen

Feeling tired and too lazy to hit the grocery store after driving back from Idaho, we decided to grab takeout for dinner on Monday night. We've been trying to replace our favorite Thai restaurant ever since we moved to Ballard, and although we did discover one in Fremont that is a close second (and it's also open on Sundays), we've really wanted to find a delicious Thai place right in our own neighborhood. So we were thrilled when we noticed that the old Subway on Market Street had moved on to make way for Thai Thani Kitchen. I called in an order for our favorites: Chicken Pad Thai and Beef Pad See Ew with a side of brown rice. We walked down and picked it up for a grand total of $26.29 from the newly renovated restaurant which even showcased a vintage rickshaw out front. The inside is clean and simply decorated and we were politely greeted by a cheerful girl up front. The food was very delicious. But their spiciness is on a four star scale so be careful if you can't handle the heat! Considering the yummy taste, friendly service, and convenient location I'd say we'll definitely be back soon for more.

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