Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Restaurant Review: Shelter Lounge

Last night I went to dinner with my college friend and fellow journalism nerd, Cari. We decided to go to Shelter Lounge in Ballard because although it’s been there for quite a while now, I still hadn't found time to check it out. It’s kind of off the beaten path of the typical Ballard bar scene, but luckily regular my bus home dropped me literally right at the front door. We sat in the patio area out back which was super cute and kind of rustic with lots of wood and even a fire pit in the center. As I looked at the menu my eyes widened and I couldn’t decide which strange and delicious dish to try first! In the end, we ended up splitting some things…
Avocado Fries – Slices of avocado breaded and deep fried. Avocado is one of my absolute favorite foods (and I’m also a big fan of French fries), so of course these were absolutely fantastic.
PB&J Jalapeno Poppers – Panko breaded jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese and peanut butter. Served with a sweet, spicy jelly. I normally love jalapeno poppers, and these just sounded so bizarre I had to try them out for myself. They were very weird, but delicious!
Spicy Grilled Cheese – Pepper Jack, avocado and red onions, served with a chipotle aoli sauce, grilled on sourdough. Grilled cheese is another one of my faves, and I loved how this one had a fancy spicy kick.
Although the menu is kind of limited, every single item looked delicious and it was kind of nice to not be overwhelmed by a plethora of choices. Although we unfortunately missed it, they have happy hour from 4pm – 6pm daily, and I would love to go back sometime to order all of the other delicious treats on the menu that I missed. They also have some yummy looking specialty cocktails.
Our food and drinks ended up being around $37, which even without happy hour prices is a pretty inexpensive dinner for two people. And it was so fabulous to finally catch up with Cari, who moved back from Washington DC ages ago, but we still hadn’t found time to hang out. And even though I kind of had to roll myself in the door when I got home after eating so much friend food… What a lovely evening!


  1. Isn't the Shelter where we went for Stewart's birthday a while ago, when we did the Sunday day drinking? Or was that the Loft? I think I confuse those two...


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